Hubi's Surf Atlas Part 1

Hubi's Surf Atlas Part 1

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Eager to share your passion for travel or surfing?

Fascinated by the world of surfing & curious to learn more?

Looking for the perfect gift for the adventure-loving family?

Seeking to motivate a young dreamer to engage with a book?

Welcome to pure fun — the world’s first surf and adventure atlas!

Hubi’s Surf Atlas takes you on a global surf odyssey to 15 amazing destinations. At each stop, readers join Hubi to dive into surf facts, local culture, oceanography, wildlife, and surf-related science.

96 pages packed with +200 fun facts, stories, reports, and spot guides from every corner of the globe. Shiver alongside Hubi in Norway; sail to Antarctica with good friends; get seasick below deck in Indonesia and surf through the Amazon.

The rich vocabulary, playful language and abundance of pictures and context clues make Hubi’s Surf Atlas perfectly suited for curious beginner and intermediate readers, English language learners, early teens and anyone just wanting to have a bit of fun.

This one-a-kind surf atlas is thoughtfully crafted for bedtime coziness, quiet time exploration and engaging entertainment - a lovely and enriching kickstarter for a life of adventures.

Recommended and appraised by teachers, parents, media, surf groms, and surf champs!

Go explore!